Government Relations Committee

Mission Statement

Being a strong voice on local, regional. and state legislative issues, protecting our free enterprise system for the benefit of the business community.

The Government Relations Committee brings together business and community leaders from our area who volunteer their time to focus on the legislative initiatives of the SV Central Chamber of Commerce.

The committee monitors legislative and policy issues at the local, regional, and state levels analyzing the impact of these issues have on business and economic development. The committee may draft and recommend to the Board positions on issues to be adopted and advocated to government officials, membership and the public.

The committee also recommends and advocates for new legislation and policies that stimulate the economy and make running a business easier for our members.

Proactive Agenda

Live Music Ordinance (Santa Clara)

Small policy changes can have major impacts. The GRC supports making live music permits easier to obtain for small venues (restaurants, hotels, bars, etc.) to increase social inclusion, celebrate diversity, create a nighttime economy, and bring people to our local businesses.

Improving Building Permitting Process (Santa Clara)

Santa Clara is changing and growing at an incredible rate to fulfill the needs of the housing market. While there are other barriers to increase the speed of the permit approval process, the GRC is dedicated to working with the City to improve this process. The housing shortage keeps people out of homes and slows the growth of companies looking to expand.

Reactive Agenda

User Fees/Business Tax

The City of Santa Clara is looking for new and/or increased revenue streams and it is our duty to ensure Santa Clara is a favorable City to operate a business. As the City of Santa Clara is studying these revenue streams, the GRC is monitoring proposed taxes and ensuring the voice of the business community is heard early in the process.

Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT)

Along with substantial business travel, Santa Clara has many of the major attractions bringing visitors from all over the world. The GRC is working with stakeholders and the City to keep our hotels competitive in the region. Often seen as a tax on out-of-towners, TOT

Additional Items

Throughout the year, legislation and policies issues impacting the business community come to light and the SV Central Chamber analyzes and advocates for the business community. We encourage members to bring issues impacting their business to our GRC so we can fight for you.