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We are Silicon Valley

The Silicon Valley is not only the home of many of the world’s largest companies, especially in the technology sector, it also has the largest concentration of engineers, scientists, software programmers, data analyticists, mathematicians, and entrepreneurs in the world. This technological brain talent coupled with the risk-taking mindset of the entrepreneur then enhanced by savvy business management techniques has changed the face of the planet over the last several decades.

Silicon Valley is at the center of the Technology Era fueled by the technological revolution prominent since the 1960s. And, the Silicon Valley Central Chamber is at the center of business in Silicon Valley. Said plainly, though there are other important hubs of commerce in other cities, we lead the world technologically and determine the path of business for the future.

The Bounderies of Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is just as much a state-of-mind as it is a place. It is where dreams are dreamed big, tech evolves, disruption happens, and the world changes. Also, affectionately called The Valley and the South Bay, Silicon Valley can be hard to define. If you get 10 locals in a room, you will get ten different answers.

The most commonly agreed-upon definition of Silicon Valley encompasses all of Santa Clara County, which includes the following 13 cities:

However, the edges of these cities are not necessarily the edges of Silicon Valley. Some will argue that parts of San Mateo County, Santa Cruz County, and Alameda County are Silicon Valley as well. They may even add the additional cities:

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