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Why a Ribbon Cutting?

What is a Ribbon Cutting?

Ribbon Cuttings and Chambers go hand in glove. Chambers exist to promote business - that's just what we do. The age-old Ribbon Cutting is a special type of promotion of a business.

A Ribbon Cutting is just what you probably think it is.

It is your party. It is your promotion. A Ribbon Cutting can be anything you want it to be. That said, it is based around the cutting of a ribbon to signify the unveiling of something grand, spectacular, and new.

Ribbon Cutting Scissors

The SVC Chamber provides the basic elements:

  • A Ribbon that can be rolled out across the crowd.
  • Ceremonial Scissors used to cut the ribbon.
  • An MC to gather the crowd, cut the ribbon, pose for photos, and make announcements.
  • Markers so those in attendance can sign the ribbon to create a nice memento of the ceremony.
  • Announcement of your Ribbon Cutting in the Chamber eNewsletter prior to the ceremony.
  • Promotion of your Ribbon Cutting on this website on the Upcoming Ribbon Cuttings page.

You provide the rest to make the event what you want it to be.

When to Have a Ribbon Cutting?

Ribbon Cuttings are used to celebrate and promote:

  • Opening a New Business.
  • Under New Management.
  • Re-opening after a Catastrophe or Change (or pandemic)
  • Newly Remodeled.
  • New Location of Existing Business.
  • Unveiling of a Product or Service.
  • Or, New Chamber Member.

How Big or How Small?

A Ribbon Cutting can be as big as you want it to be. Or, as intimate and quaint as you think it should be.


Whom to Invite?: You can invite the neighbors, the Mayor, Uncle Bob from Mississippi, all of your clients, perspective clients, your staff, and the neighborhood skateboard kids. Heck, you can invite the Governor and the President, if you want. You can send out formal invitations (like a wedding or graduation) or even have them hand-delivered by a singing quartet. Or, not. Instead you can just ask your mom & dad if they want to come so the event is just the three of you. You can do whatever you want.

Or, you can just invite your key staffers, have a simple, short ceremony, and take a photo for the file (Or, to frame for the wall).


How much pomp and circumstance?: Again, this is up to you. There is no wrong answer. What do you want?

A Ribbon Cutting can be an official affair with 3-piece suits and congac.

It can be a luau with handmade Hawaiian lais, kālua puaʻa, and lots of island drinks.

It can be sports-themed with team jerseys, burger, dogs, and lots of beer.

It could have have dancing clowns, balloons, a photo booth, food, wine, costumes, magicians, and live music.


A Ribbon Cutting is YOUR PARTY. It represents YOU and YOUR COMPANY. It is YOUR CELEBRATION.

Some Questions to Get You Started...

What am I trying to accomplish?

Whom shall I invite?

What is my budget?

Should I hire an event planner or attempt this myself?

Should I involve my marketing consultant, graphic designer, and PR team?

What is my timeline?

Who will take photos or video? What will I do with them?

A Few Tips...

  • Contact the SVC Chamber BEFORE you lock in a Date - Don't assume that the Chamber calendar is open because there is no other event scheduled on the Chamber calendar at that time.
  • This is NOT AS URGENT as you think - A grand opening, for example, does not have to be on the day you open. It can be a month or two later.
  • It is better to have a GREAT EVENT than a rushed one - an organized, planned, budgeted approach will produce far superior results than a thrown-together hurried mess.
  • What is your MESSAGE - Are you the fun bunch? Cutting-edge? The place to be? Serve the best ____? Ensure your Ribbon Cutting conveys that message.
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