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There are no current openings at the SVC Chamber at this time

About the SVC Chamber

The most desirable, highly rewarding careers in any business community are found at its Chamber of Commerce. Since 1947, the Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce (SVC Chamber) continually sets the bar higher as one of the best places to work. In fact, of more than 7,000 Chambers in the United States, none can boast stronger connections with the top companies in the world than the SVC Chamber.

The Chamber is a vibrant, dynamic Membership organization of businesses that turn the wheels of the economy. Membership includes cutting-edge technology firms, manufacturing companies, real estate developers, healthcare organizations, restaurants & cafés, shops, theaters, lawyers, accountants, hotels, governments, and not-for-profits, to name a few. Since companies, not individuals, join the Chamber, Members range from the smallest mom & pop startups all the way through the largest employers on the planet; thus, the Chamber represents hundreds of thousands of employees throughout Silicon Valley.

With a booming legislative presence on Capitol Hill, in county government, and local city halls, the SVC Chamber is one of the most influential forces representing the business community in government affairs and regional economic development.

What’s more, the SVC Chamber is the home of the area’s most recognizable events and numerous business groups (Councils & Leadership Groups) to satisfy the needs and interests of our Members; such as:


The SVC Chamber has offices at 3350 Scott Blvd., Bld. 54, Santa Clara, CA 95054-3124


While you are here, learn even more about the THE Business Chamber in Silicon Valley:


Facebook: @SVCchamber

LinkedIn: Silicon Valley Central Chamber

Twitter: @SVCchamber

Instagram: @SVCchamber

YouTube: SiliconValleyCentralChamber

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