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Harbir Kaur Bhatia, CEO & President

Harbir K Bhatia

CEO of Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce

Harbir Kaur Bhatia is a remarkable civic entrepreneur who currently holds the position of CEO at the Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce. With a diverse background in high technology, entrepreneurship, public sector leadership, community development, place-making, and content/media production, she brings a unique set of skills to her role.

Harbir's educational achievements include a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a Masters in Engineering Management from Santa Clara University. As an immigrant and a Sikh, her experiences have influenced her to be socially focused, breaking down barriers that divide people and creating programs that promote the 'betterment for all,' fostering an inclusive community.

Her leadership style is marked by momentum, creativity, and the ability to bring people together to address pressing issues. Harbir is a staunch advocate of sustainability and empowerment through education and economic development. She believes in fostering collaboration through public and private partnerships, utilizing both low and high tech solutions, data-driven decision-making, and fostering innovation.

Recently, Harbir received notable honors and awards, making her the only American recipient of the civilian's medal of honor, "Hero of Kharkiv City, Kharkiv, Ukraine." She also earned the Carle G Orne World Peace and Understanding Award, was recognized as the CA Assembly District 25 Women's Month Honoree, and received multiple "Community Hero" medals from Santa Clara County for her exceptional leadership and social entrepreneurship to address societal issues during COVID.

Before assuming her current role as CEO, Harbir served as a board member of the Chamber of Commerce from 2016 to 2021 and is an alumna of Santa Clara Leadership. She actively serves on several community boards and organizations, including her roles as a Sister Cities International Board member and Country Representative for Ukraine, a member of the Santa Clara Rotary Club, and the founder of IK Onkar Bridges, a social enterprise.

Throughout her career, Harbir has been involved in various impactful initiatives, such as serving as a Board Member for the SV Central Chamber, the Board of Rotary of Santa Clara, and as President of the Santa Clara Library Foundation. She has also contributed to numerous projects like the Fundraising Committee of the Northside Library, Cultural Commissioner, D5170 Rotary Disaster Champion for Ukraine, and the founding of Joy Of Sewa, Project Hope for girls' Skills Development, SC Crisis Coalition for COVID Relief, and involvement in the TiECon conference leadership team.

Harbir's influence goes beyond borders, as she speaks globally to inspire others to tackle local and international challenges for social progress. In recent years, she has led initiatives providing COVID Relief Ukraine crisis relief, Turkey earthquake aid, support for India's Punjab floods, assistance with various CA local issues,  supporting local Rotary programs for children in Santa Clara, and more.

Harbir Kaur Bhatia's guiding philosophy centers around creating value, building bridges, and being a force for positive change. Her motto is “be a tide that raises all boats”!

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