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Membership Pays

Membership in Your Chamber Doesn’t Cost –


As a Member of the Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce (SVCCC), YOUR Company is a part of the most recognized business community in Silicon Valley. Remember, when YOUR Company is a Member of the Chamber that means every single employee at YOUR Company is a Chamber Member.

Here are the TOP TEN REASONS why YOUR Company should become, or continue to be, a Member:

1. Business Prospects

Would YOU like YOUR Company to grow and / or become more profitable? With active Chamber involvement, YOU create more opportunities to meet and share with Members. Members do business with Members. Plus, customers in Silicon Valley want to hire Chamber Members.

2. Networking Events

Do YOU want to know the movers & shakers or be a mover & shaker? For fun and business contacts, the Chamber offers dozens upon dozens of events per year. From bimonthly Silicon Valley Connect networking mixers to Signature Events and from Referral Groups to Silicon Valley Educates seminars & webinars – the Chamber has everything to meet your style and needs.

3. Education & Smarts

Do YOU need the inside scoop, a BIG tip, a golden nugget of info? Can any of YOUR Company’s employees use Best Practices to take YOUR business to new heights? We do that! The Chamber has seminars, SCORE counseling, and SBA relations designed to make YOU and YOUR employees smarter – and most are included with YOUR Membership dues for no extra fees.

4. Leadership Training

Do YOU want to learn by doing? Have an employee that is ready to go to the next level, but just needs the extra umphf? The Chamber has various Committees, Councils, Leadership Group, and other Leader roles where leaders-to-be can study, participate, and experience. The Chamber is a million-dollar company with hierarchy, meetings, budgets, audits, marketing, public relations, IT, and everything else that YOUR business has. It is a great proving ground to mold new leaders and strengthen mettle.

5. Credibility

Do YOU want to heighten positive perception among clients, potential customers, and other regional business owners? Identifying with The Business Chamber, Silicon Valley’s regional Chamber of Commerce, immediately enhances YOUR brand.

6. Voice of Business

Do YOU want YOUR government to hear YOU? Do YOU believe they work for YOU? What better way to be heard, make a statement, and change the world then to be part of the most recognized voice heard at the County Seat or on either Capitol Hill. Mayors, Council Members, Commissioners, Judges, Legislators, and Congress come to the Chamber to hear the voice of business – to hear from YOU.

7. Discount Advertising

Do YOU want to shout from the highest mountaintop? Promote YOUR business to the community, public, and to other Members by becoming a Community Partner or Sponsor.

8. Why Play Catch Up?

Can YOU be successful without The Business Chamber or with a smaller Chamber? Well, ask a similar; but, different set of questions: Can YOU be successful without business cards?... Or, without a web site?… Or, without promotion materials?…Or, without a super salesforce?... Sure. It can be done. By why fight uphill? Business is hard enough. Take the proven path to success.

9. fun, Fun, FUN!

Do YOU enjoy a good laugh? Like entertainment? Find FUN in mixing in a little business with good times? From business to entertainment, to laughs, to drinks with friends – we do that!

10. Full Time Staff

Do YOU know it all? Want to? Questions on ANYTHING, just call… we will figure it out for YOU!

Please call the Membership Department at the Chamber office at (408) 244-8244 or email to discuss why YOU should be a Member of The Business Chamber in Silicon Valley

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