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As The Business Chamber in Silicon Valley, the SVC Chamber is often featured in the press and asked our opinions on matters of great importance.

We also have a mission to Educate.

The combination of these two allows us to be able to present these videos:

This is Silicon Valley!

Silicon Valley. It is a place? A REAL PLACE you can visit?

Or, is it a state of mind? Is it just phraseology for technological advancement, growth, entrepreneurship, and positive disruption?

The answer is to all of these questions is YES! This… is Silicon Valley.

It's all here:

  • Vacation here.
  • Hold a corporate meeting, conference, symposium, or exhibit here.
  • Join the fastest moving and growing Chamber of Commerce.

SVC Chamber on ABC7 Midday Live – The Difference

Airing on on the popular afternoon lifestyle show Midday Live on September 14, 2021. ABC7 KGO’s Kara Tsuboi asked “What makes the SVC Chamber Different?” (and many more questions).

Christian Pellecchia, 2021-2022 Board Chair, and Christian D. Malesic, President & CEO, teamed up to do the SVC Chamber proud. They spoke on the value proposition, the uniqueness of the SVC Chamber, and how it helps businesses to be better at business tomorrow than they were today.

The Economy that is Silicon Valley

What is Silicon Valley? Is it a place or and idea? Or, both? And, how did it get it's start? Why is it in the news all of the time? How is the economy of the world affected by this place called Silicon Valley?

The President / CEO of the Silicon Valley Central Chamber, Christian D. Malesic, explains the region, the history, and the current mindset that makes this place one of the most dynamic, interesting, and prosperous areas on the planet.

"Silicon Valley" is an episode of August 12, 2021 by independent YouTube producer, Roland Enz, the founder of Enz USA TV.

The Changing Retail in Silicon Valley

As part of the Silicon Valley Educates series, this webinar was held on May 14, 2021.

Retail has changed drastically in the last 50 years. Disruption is coming faster than ever. There has been more change in the last 10 years than the previous 40. And, we will experience even more acceleration in the next 5 years with local governments considering zoning and building changes. This webinar will cover many facets of the future of retail in the valley.

Innovation Dialog with SVC Chamber's CEO Christian D. Malesic

Who is Christian D. Malesic, why he is so passionate about Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce? Ding Ding TV's Diana Ding sat down with the Silicon Valley Central Chamber's new President/CEO, for their branded show Innovation Dialog on February 25, 2021 to hear more about his background and his vision for the Chamber.