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Battle of the Bartenders

an event within an event at

Martinis & Mistletoe

Twenty Bartenders go head-to-head at this very special Holiday Signature Event to earn the title of The Best in Silicon Valley.

Imagine what your business could do with THAT award. Imagine the marketing and promotional possibilities! You could ride that wave for a whole year. Several years. With the trophy on the shelf behind the bar... in the window... by the front door... the possibilities are endless. You could offer your famous drink on the menu... at Happy Hour. You could put it in your advertisements... on your web site... on a poster on the front door or window. Imagine...

Oh, but wait, Imagine the pride such a win would bring to your staff... your managers... your owners... The hiring and retention possibilities are limitless. How cool would it be for staff to tell customers: "We won the Battle of the Batenders in 2021, you know. Wanna try our famous drink?"

The Awards:

There is not just one way to compete... there are FOUR!


  • Silicon Valley's Best Drink 2021
    • Are you a mixologist extraordinaire? Can you do things with spirits and wine and beer to make concoctions that make mouth's water and money flow? PROVE IT!
    • Present your best drink... or two... or three... (less is better, you don't want to dilute your vote) then let the people decide.
    • Trophy presented on stage to the Bartender voted to have the tastiest, the fanciest, the hottest... the Best.


  • Silicon Valley's Most Entertaining Bartender 2021
    • Mad skills? Show them off! Bottle flipping, fancy pours, special layering, unique presentations. Whadaya Got?
    • This trophy is yours if the attendees are WOW'd... If they are impressed... if they are Entertained.
    • Maybe you're not good at everything but you ARE good at showing off and attracting the crowd.
    • Trophy presented on stage to the Bartender voted to have the moves... the gravitas... the artistry... the Best.


  • Silicon Valley's Most Creative Garnishing 2021
    • It is not just "garnishing the drink"... it is garnishing YOU and YOUR SPACE.
    • A whole different kind of creativity. You know how to decorate, design, dress up. Your "costumes" are original, but it works. It fits with the rest of your booth. You got the "image thing" down... and it shows.
    • Trophy presented on stage to the Bartender voted to have the theme... the attitude... the look... the Best.


  • Silicon Valley's Ultimate Bartender 2021 (Grand Champion)
    • The BIGGEST TROPHY. Earner of the GOLD. The tippy top of the highest top. The pinnacle. The Best of the Best.
    • This is a whole package thing. You got it going on. Everything above - you got that... in spades.
    • Trophy presented LAST on stage to the Ultimate Bartender of Silicon Valley for 2021.

Who Should Compete* at the

Battle of the Bartenders?

(anyone that serves martinis, drinks, wine, spirits, or beer)

  • Hotels
  • Night Clubs
  • Bars
  • Pubs
  • Wineries
  • Non-Profits
  • Restaurants
  • Breweries
  • Mobile Bartenders
  • Wedding Venues
  • Event Venues
  • Social Clubs

But, we would also welcome a super-hipster group with special bartending talents that, in their day job, quietly pose as lawyers, accountants, engineers, coders, or any other motley crew of unassuming business people of any profession.

If you want to compete - bring it!


( * Space is Limited to the first  20 Bartender teams that sign up. )


Entry Fee for


  • $100 Deposit - May be Fully Refunded (see Rules).
  • Your Real Price of Admission is the Drinks (see Rules).

Entry fee for


  • $150 - ($100 Deposit + $50 Entry Fee).
    • Deposit - May be Fully Refunded (see Rules).
  • Your Real Price of Admission is the Drinks (see Rules).


    • No Entry Fee.
    • Discounted Member Prices for your Guests to attend Event.

The Rules (there are always rules):

  1. Attire & Decorations: Be you. Go crazy. But, be tactful. No politics. No advocacy for cultural issues. No profanity. SVC Chamber Staff doesn't want to be the guy that bounces you or makes you change clothes... so, don't be that guy/gal that makes us do so. But, DO be clever in how you promote your business. That's what this really all about, after all. We are THE BUSINESS CHAMBER in Silicon Valley. We WANT to help you grow from this experience.
  2. The Stuff: Provide your own tools. Bring your own flair: your decorations, bling, costumes, and drink napkins (if they fit your look). We got the glassware.
  3. Alcohol, Mixers, and Garnish: That's on you, too. That's your real "price of admission."
  4. Setup Time: 6pm - you have 1 hour. Stage in advance. Pack smart. 
  5. Show Time: 7pm. Be ready. Be prepared. Everyone won't show up right at 7pm, so you can build up to it, but go time is 7pm.
  6. Two to a Booth: Pick your BEST TWO to REPRESENT. You can use a 3rd person to load/unload and set up, but they must depart by 7pm.
  7. Tear Down: Ballots close at 10:30pm. We will hit the stage with the winners after the votes are tallied. Wind down from there. Tear down officially starts at 11pm. You can have as many people join you to tear down as needed (Extra workers should show up at 11pm).
  8. No Ballots: Unlike the Presidential election or the Governor's race - your Bartenders (2 of them) can't vote. Of course, that doesn't mean you can't have all of your employees, friends, family, and customers pack the event to 'stuff the ballots'. That's all in the game.
    • Remember: First, if you are a SVC Chamber Member, and do the Martini's & Mistletoe registering yourself, you and your guests get in at the SVC Member price! Sign up as many as you want to vote for you!
    • The Catch: The other 19 Bartenders are competitive. They will probably do the same thing. It's only fair.
  9. Max of 2 Awards: Unlike the Olympics, you can't win them all. There will be 3 to 4 winners. It is possible, even likely, that the Ultimate Bartender will win another, earlier award as well. However, we will be factoring in 2nd and 3rd place votes for those categories, along with direct voting for Ultimate, to determine the Ultimate Bartender 2021. So, it is also possible that you do not win one of the smaller awards, but still take back to your business the granddaddy award of Ultimate Bartender 2021.
  10. NO REFUNDS for cancellations and No-Shows: $100 Deposit is returned by check through USPS mail within two weeks of the event if you: show up, participate the whole night (7pm-11pm), and clean up after yourself. All entry fees & deposits are returned if the event is cancelled due to the pandemic or other cancellation of the event through no fault of your own, unless it is rescheduled within 6 months.
  11. Have fun, Fun, FUN!: A time to remember... There I was... It was the Best of Times... (how you'll start your stories of that night).
  12. When to Register to be a Bartender: Do it now! Space is limited to the 1st 20 that sign up. REGISTRATION NOW OPEN.
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