The Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce offers business education through insightful presentations, FREE to members and non-members. From new labor laws to automated marketing to communication skills, these educational programs are here for you to help you through the unknowns of running a business. Join in person by visiting our events page or view all past content here!

Lunch & Learn

Topic: ‘COVID Tax Credits, PPP & Other Funding’ by Brian Chong and Victoria Bracha

Topic: ‘Taking Your Profits First” by Wendy Roberts of NorthStar Strategic Partnerships

Topic: ‘Working with Virtual
Assistants’ by Sam Kabert from ​ValueBP Marketing

Topic: ‘Personal Branding and Thought Leadership’ by Hannah Duchesne from Duchesne Communications

Topic: Lunch and Learn with Yussef Nesme with FAIM Marketing!

Topic: Lunch and learn featuring Jonathan Ybañez discussing No Limits: How to increase your Capacity for Leadership, Productivity, and Success in business and in life!

Topic: Lunch & Learn: 2019 Labor Law Updates

Topic:Lunch & Learn: Are you refusing to accept payments from your customers?

Topic:Lunch and Learn with Victoria Bracha discussing 2019 Financial Fitness

Topic:Lunch and Learn with Elisa Yu and Joe Siecinski !!

Topic:Lunch and Learn featuring the Employee Awareness Association discussing Stress Management!

Women In Business

Topic: ‘Selling with Authenticity’ by speaker Caterina Rando

Topic: ‘Are you a Noticer?’ by Irene H. Chavez from Kaiser Permanente

Topic: ‘Grow your business without talking about your business’ by Susan Ellenberg, Board President, San Jose Unified School District

Silicon Valley Business Forum

Topic: Build Silicon Valley Panel

Topic: How Silicon Valley Schools Prepare Students for International Business

Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Festival Presented by Ding Ding TV

Topic: Build Silicon Valley Panel