The Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce offers business education to help our members grow their business. From new labor laws to automated marketing to communication skills, these educational programs are here for you to help you through the unknowns of running a business. Join in person by visiting our events page or view all past content here!

Lunch & Learn

Topic: ‘Working with Virtual
Assistants’ by Sam Kabert from ​ValueBP Marketing

Topic: ‘Personal Branding and Thought Leadership’ by Hannah Duchesne from Duchesne Communications

Topic: Lunch and Learn with Yussef Nesme with FAIM Marketing!

Topic: Lunch and learn featuring Jonathan Ybañez discussing No Limits: How to increase your Capacity for Leadership, Productivity, and Success in business and in life!

Topic: Lunch & Learn: 2019 Labor Law Updates

Topic:Lunch & Learn: Are you refusing to accept payments from your customers?

Topic:Lunch and Learn with Victoria Bracha discussing 2019 Financial Fitness

Topic:Lunch and Learn with Elisa Yu and Joe Siecinski !!

Topic:Lunch and Learn featuring the Employee Awareness Association discussing Stress Management!

Women In Business

Topic: ‘Are you a Noticer?’ by Irene H. Chavez from Kaiser Permanente

Topic: ‘Grow your business without talking about your business’ by Susan Ellenberg, Board President, San Jose Unified School District

Silicon Valley Business Forum

Topic: Build Silicon Valley Panel

Topic: How Silicon Valley Schools Prepare Students for International Business

Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Festival Presented by Ding Ding TV

Topic: Build Silicon Valley Panel