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Silicon Valley Young Professionals (SVYP)

The SVYP is a Leadership Group within the SVC Chamber. Councils and Leadership Groups are sub-groups of Chamber Members that focus on a particular niche based on something about themselves, their companies, their geographical areas, or their specific interests.

The SVYP focuses on professionals under 40 years of age. This is a FUN and LIVELY group within the SVC Chamber with monthly SVYP Events held every month on 2nd Thursdays @ 6:00 pm (except July). SVYP Events often take the form of Happy Hour mixers where Members connect, share stories, exchange contact information, and trade tips & tricks for success in the Silicon Valley.


SVYP Steering Committee

The Steering Committee are the Leaders that make SVYP happen! They choose the events, help find venues, connect professionals with other professionals, and change the careers, lives, & relationships of one Young Professional after another. If you come to a SVYP event and don't know anyone (or only know a few), they are the YPs to meet to start getting connected to everyone else.

SVC Chamber

Steering Committee Leaders serve for the Chamber Year which runs from July 1st to June 30th of the next year. Though they may re-up for another year, their term is a 1-year commitment. (Maybe, you should ask them how you can become a Leader on the SVYP Steering Committee next year).

Mike Lee

Mike Lee - SVYP Chair


MNTCRE Marketing

Stephanie Acosta

Stephanie Acosta

Chief Operating Officer

Pure Materials, LLC

Cori Lambert

Cori Lambert

Event Specialist

Stuart Event Rentals

Blake Simes

Blake Simes

Chief Executive Officer

Pure Materials, LLC

Diandra Weldon

Diandra Weldon

Public Relations & Social Media Coordinator

Ninico Communications

Can You Join in the Experience?

If your company or organization is a Member of the SVC Chamber then... absolutely! That's what the SVYP does. Come one. Come all. Be sure to Register for the Event.

But, what if your company is not a Member?

  1. First, why aren't they? Did you know that when a company or organization joins the SVC Chamber, EVERY EMPLOYEE is a Member? Maybe you should talk to your boss or HR about becoming a Member. If you are at a particularly large company, check with the Government Relations or Community Involvement department, they are the ones who usually drive such things.
  2. If all else fails, and the company or organization won't join the SVC Chamber - you can still join us. There is a small fee, in that case. You can either Register Now by choosing the particular event you want to attend or just come and pay at the door. PS - You save a few bucks if you Register Now. (We are here to save you money and help you grow).

The SVYP is all about career growth, professional development, meeting (and becoming) who’s who in the Valley, and issues of interest to Members under the age of forty, this is the place to be if you are young (or young in spirit), full of energy, and want to change the world.

This Leadership Group welcomes Members of all ages who want to interact with the future Leaders of the Chamber and the Silicon Valley region. Though the activities and agendas cater to the young professional, if you would like to be there, then be there. Don’t let your birthdate hold you back (we do not card at the door to keep the “40-and-over” crowd out).